Ingrid Donat by Anne Bony

Ingrid Donat by Anne Bony

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A study of the work of designer Ingrid Donat:

"Ingrid Donat creates sculpted furniture, most often in bronze. Taking a painterly approach to this weighty medium, Donat draws on diverse decorative influences. Art Deco, tribal tattooing, the work of Gustav Klimt and Armand-Albert Rateau have all inspired the intricate patterning of her work. 

In addition to her skilled craft, Donat is also an accomplished engineer. "Commode 7 Engrenages" incorporates a column of cogs into its sides. They begin to whir when the chest's drawers are opened or closed. The intrinsic mechanism animates the piece with movement and sound. 

Born in Paris into a family of artists, Donat was raised in Sweden. In 1975 she returned to her birthplace to explore her passion for sculpture at the Ecole des Beaux Arts. During these years she began to apply her sculptural talent to functional pieces, strongly encouraged by her mentor Diego Giacometti."

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