GOLDA Topanga Love Atmosphere Mist
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GOLDA Topanga Love Atmosphere Mist

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Similar to the Hiba Wood Atmosphere Mist, but with an added touch of love, this spray has a crisp, citrusy, sweetness that accentuates the cedar-like fragrance contributed by the hiba. This combination is inspiring, purifying, uplifting, rejuvenating and stimulating. Studies have shown the Hinokitiol, found only in Aomori Hiba Oil, to have antimicrobial, germicidal, insect repellent, and deodorizing properties. Studies have also shown lemongrass to have anti fungal and anti inflammatory properties. These properties in combination with each other create a dramatic cleansing effect that opens any space to the presence of positivity.

Aromatic Scent: Sweet floral scent with a fresh citrus burst grounded by a slight woody scent reminiscent of cedarwood.

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