Catherine Wagner: In Situ, Traces of Morandi by Giusi Vecchi
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Catherine Wagner: In Situ, Traces of Morandi by Giusi Vecchi

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In Situ Traces of Morandi considers the poetry and austere structural logic of Giorgio Morandi's still life paintings with new work by Catherine Wagner. A publication accompanying the exhibition at Museum of Modern Art Bologna

Museo Morandi in 2017, In Situ, is the culmination of Wagner's 2-year project in Bologna at Morandi's studio, Casa Morandi. Wagner constructs new still lifes from Morandi's objects that address shifting notions of light, space, and form from a 21st century perspective. Photographing immaterial interactions with filtered light Wagner composes vaporous images in which solid objects appear elusive, caught in the vibratory aura at the edge of a shadow. In the construction of the work Wagner created intimate color-fields by sampling the saturated microcosm of colors that reveal themselves on considered viewing of Morandi's paintings. This fully illustrated catalogue includes English and Italian translations of a conversation between the artist and the curator Giussi Vecchi, as well as an essay by Peter Benson Miller the Andrew Heskell Arts Director at the American Academy in Rome In Morandi's Shadows.

12.5" L x 0.8" D x 9.4" H

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