The Perfect Pairing

We are excited to announce the launch of the HSH x Sensei sweater collaboration with artist Jennifer Ament! Our 100% cashmere knits feature hand-stitched embroidery with Jennifer’s signature works including Magic Hands, Lips, Eat the Rich, and Safety Pin. Jennifer is a multi-medium artist who has been featured in solo and group show exhibitions throughout the United States. When she’s not working on her art, she is also the founder of the non-profit Artist for Progress which has raised over $75,000 for the ACLU and The Northwest Immigrant Rights Society. Jennifer is a #girlboss we truly admire which is why we were thrilled to catch up with her this week. Read on to find out more about the sweater-making process and what inspires Jennifer’s art.

Jennifer Ament

What inspired you to create HSH X Sensei sweaters featuring your artwork?
Holly approached me and asked if we could collaborate, letting me know we would be using high-quality materials and cashmere, and of course knowing that Holly has fabulous taste, I was sold!

How did you decide which pieces to use for the sweaters?
We chose to use my work that felt simple and sophisticated, and they were also some of my best sellers.

What did you enjoy about the process of creating the sweaters? 
Holly would send me updates on the pieces as they were being made, which was fun, and it would take 6 hours for someone to stitch the artwork onto them! That was amazing to me!

Since you use in a variety of mediums, what work do you enjoy doing the most?
I equally love painting and printmaking and when I get a little worn out doing one, I can always switch back and forth which helps with burnout!

As a printmaker and painter, what are your biggest influences?
I am obsessed with the culture of magic in the early 1900s, 70’s French pop culture, the political posters from early 1900s Russia, and Music and Street culture from all eras.


What would be your dream project?
My dream project would be a record cover for any of my top five bands. It doesn't pay much, but I don't care.

Are you currently working on a new collection?
Right now I am working on large scale abstract oil paintings, I am in an experimental phase at the moment and it feels like real freedom from my recent high-pressure deadlines and commissions, although I am grateful for all of it!

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