5 Ways to Style Your Coffee Table

Coffee tables are an essential element of any living room as they combine decorative form with practical function. Well-styled coffee tables can serve as an artful centerpiece or double as extra storage, but the trick is not to overdo it. From sculptural elements to greenery, we’ve rounded up our favorite products and styling tips to inspire your next coffee table upgrade.

Sculptural Elements
Make a statement with a bold sculptural piece which can add a pop of color or geometric dimension to your home. It can be as playful or practical as you want.


Seeing Double
Rethink the traditional with two tables instead of one. With more surface area, you’ll be able to incorporate more styling elements!


The Centerpiece
With a monochromatic space, you can make your coffee table stand out from the primary color palette. The table will add visual interest and serve as the room’s anchor.

Book Collection
Need a place to store your growing collection of books? Add a stack of books with matching covers to showcase your favorites and add height.

Bring the Outdoors In
Houseplants are always a great choice because they can reduce stress and increase oxygen. Plus, you won’t always have to go outside to reap the benefits of mother nature.


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