4 Ways to Reuse a Skultuna Candle

Skultuna candles are the perfect home accessory because they can be repurposed and used for a lifetime. The candles have wonderful fragrances made from some of the world's leading perfume houses and are housed in a luxurious brass container. Cleaning out the candle holder isn’t as hard as you think. Simply place the jar in the freezer for one hour to let the wax shrink. Once you remove it from the freezer all of the remaining wax will be gone. Afterward, rinse the candle holder with hot water and dish soap. After that, it will be ready to reuse! Below, we’ve rounded up the best ways to customize the candle holders for your home.
1. Plant a succulent or use it as decorative vase
Adding a bouquet of flowers is one of the easiest ways to reuse the Skultuna candle holder. The gold tones of the container will look even more stunning juxtaposed with colorful flowers. If succulents are more your thing, you can easily make a new home for your plant and enjoy the way greenery can spruce up your space.
2. Add it to your bar cart for a cocktail night 
There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of relaxing with your favorite drink in hand. Transforming the candle into a decorative element to your bar set up adds the perfect touch. The gold holder will match all the bar accessories, especially a beautiful gold cocktail shaker!

3. Add a touch of glam to your workspace by using it as a pen and pencil holder
You can instantly brighten up your workspace by adding the Skultuna holder to your desk. Having a pen and pencil holder that is fun can make getting work done less dull. There’s nothing better than feeling inspired by the accessories sprinkled across your workspace and office.
4. Use the container as storage for loose items
We all seem to have those small items that can never be found when you need them. Whether we’d like to admit it or not, most of us have that secret junk drawer in the house. The skultuna container is the perfect solution for those loose objects that will never be lost again. Making it a stylish way to store these small treasures. 

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