2018 Interior Design Trends

1. Digitally Printed Wallpaper – Digitally printed, custom wallpaper is a rapidly growing trend as it has opened a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to bringing empty walls to life. With digital printing, wallpaper becomes fully customizable while remaining a cost-effective option. This allows the designer to produce work on a much larger scale, making the walls a work of art by themselves!



2. Two-Toned Cabinets – We’re more than happy to see the all-white kitchen trend fading out of style in favor of the mix of colors that is defining kitchen trends of 2018. Using a bold contrast in upper and lower cabinet colors or mixing materials such as wood and lacquer provides a much needed variation that is both dramatic and pleasing to the eye.



3. Large Format Tiles – Advancing technology allows this trend to become, quite literally, larger than ever before. Tile has really evolved over the past few years, with an emphasis on replicating wood patterns and even expanding into new textures. The use of large format tiles instantly makes any room appear bigger, spa-like and contemporary.

4. Mixed Materials – Choosing the right materials and deciding how to mix them is key to a design that will stay on trend for years to come. Emphasizing quality craftsmanship when selecting these materials will ensure that your investment will also provide the longevity that you are looking for.

5. Luxurious Light Fixtures – Your home’s lighting has to reflect both the function and atmosphere of each space. In 2018, we are expecting to see more light fixtures that provide a “Wow” factor, attracting attention while complementing surrounding features. Combining classic materials with a contemporary shape produces a piece of art, as well as a conversation piece.


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